SOCHARA Silver Jubilee - Northern Region

by NidhiShukla, E-SOCHARA | May 2016


Central northern region celebrated SOCHARA silver jubilee in Bhopal on 27 -28 April 2016.  This was the occasion of the completion of 25 years of SOCHARA. The first event was held in Bangalore, where we celebrated that occasion with southern region and founders of SOCHARA. Second event was in Bhopal celebrated by fellows and their mentors and CPHE SOCHARA team. It was a time of remembering pleasant memories. A total of 51 participants attend this event.


SSJ North

The program was started with lighting of lamp, our chief Guest was Dr Shashi Prabha khare   (Wife of Dr Ajay khare)  Daman Ahuja (AGCA Secretariat), S.R.Azad (JSA/MPVS) Dr. As Mohammad (SOCHARA Bangalore) serially lighted the lamps and inaugurated our programme. A brief self introduction by participants happened and subsequently it was time to tribute to Dr Ajay Khare. Nidhi, a first batch fellow of Madhya Pradesh fellowship and a CPHE Bhopal team member remembered memories of Dr khare and also conveyed the message of Dr Thelma about how Dr. Khare supported the setting of CPHE in MP and helped in our understanding of ground reality of MP, and Dr Khare was of support everywhere including as an advisory committee member of the MP program and in 2009 SOCHARA stared CPHE in Madhya Pradesh. Dr khare also represented MPJSA. After his death S.R Azad has tried to fill that space. Mr. Azad also remembered Dr Ajay’s contribution in JSA.

A photo journey of 25 years of SOCHARA was presented by As Mohammad. We went 25 five years back in time and presented the evolution of SOCHARA from the initial days. Following this, Dhirendra Arya, a first batch fellow from MPCHFP and a former CPHE team member presented about thes pleasant times in CPHE. In his photo presentation every photo was saying our CPHE‘s days and there were lots of memories revived of the collective teachings, cluster meetings and field work days. Dr. Ravi D’Souza presnted our ongoing activities of tackling malnutrition programme, training and networking.

Post- lunch, the meeting started with sharing of fellows and mentor, this was a open session which was chaired by Ms. Arti Pandey from NHM, Mr. S.R Azad From MPVS and Ms. Sudeepa Das from Samvedna. In the beginning, Jitendra Prajapathi, fellow of second Batch presented his field work after jitendra other fellows Smriti, Prabhu, Archana, Irshad, Sapna, Ajit, Rahul, spoke about their experiences. Summary of the discussion was that we are all different Indiviuals and work with different organizations but common thing in all of us is SOCHARA vision. That approach makes us special in mass Social Work. After fellows sharing Mr. S.R .Azad said some certification of fellowship would be helpful. Ms. Sudeepa Das also had words of encouragement for the fellows. Ms. Arti concluded session with her own experience when she was standing against the system and the way she was reacting to hierarchies in the system but now she has been working with the system for the last 7-8 years. She mentioned that we all have our vision and that we should not despair. She said NHM ASHA programme gives extra marks to CPHE fellows whenever there is a call for candidates for filling up departmental vacancy 

The concluding session of the day was about National Family Health Survey (NFHS) - 4 presented by Dr Ravi D’ Souza. There was an analytical review of the health indicators of MP as mentioned in NFHS-4. After a short discussion on NFHS-4, the first day’s program was concluded.




28th April morning started at 9.30 with our fellows days’ favorite song “Maa Reva Tharo Paani Nirmal” on Narmada river sung by Sapna Kanera, first batch fellow. Following this, Dr. Sunil Nandeshwar, Head of the Department of community medicine from Bundelkhand medical collage presented on the topic of Sustainable Development Goals. Dr Sunil said millennium development goal are not achieved within its time limit. To ensure continuity, a new set of goals, Sustainable Development goals were brought in. A major difference between MDG and SDG is SDG is more comprehensive and SDG contained 17 goals including such topics as Environment and Gender equity.

After a short tea break we move towards “future action” this session was moderated by Prasanna Saligram. The film on the Community Health Learning Program was screened. Subsequently Prasanna mapped the initial stages of SOCHARA’s involvement in Madhya Pradesh and then brought out that presently there are nearly 100 people who are carrying the thoughts of SOCHARA. He later on identified three sets of people in the audience. The CPHE Team, the partner organizations and the fellows. The participants were then divided into 3 groups accordingly to discuss future plan of action for Madhya Pradesh. Three points were given to the groups to discuss about – the expectations of the group on SOCHARA; the responsibilities of the group towards making this happen and finally a plan of action which they are thinking will make the other two happen. After about 30 minutes of discussion within the group, the groups presented their deliberations in the plenary, with the fellows presenting first, the mentors next and finally the CPHE team. In a way, it so happened that CPHE team was answering the expectations and the questions that the other two groups had asked. There were some further discussions on this and finally Prasanna then closed the session with his concluding remarks. There was also one more group identified and that of the system people. They were also suggested to come up with their deliberations along with the others, but that group decided to present their deliberations in a session later in the afternoon that was to happen on Community Action for Health (CAH).

Post-lunch Nidhi, specially remembered and thanked those people from the administration, who always work behind the scenes but who always play most important role in organization. After this significant moment, we moved towards Communitization with Mr. Daman Ahuja from AGCA. Mr. Daman Ahuja presented the details of the CAH under National Health Mission (NHM). He gave detailed presentation on the pilot phase that happened in 9 states of India. He also mentioned that in MP, CAH is now being run by the state government and is running in an intensive phase in 5 districts (where earlier pilot had happened) and the ground is being prepared in the rest of the districts with orientation and training of health department people. Mr. Narendra Jaiswal who is in-charge of the CAH in MP also presented the details of the CAH programme happening in the state. Following their presentation, a discussion happened.

After tea break, Amulya from JSA discussed with the participants about the ongoing public private partnership in Alirajpur district Madhaya Pradesh, Amulya exposed Deepak foundation’s gray face. Deepak foundation is private partner of public health system which is presenting very attractive picture of partnership in the sense of salary facility. But back of picture is very gloomy. At this time it is not only knowing reality but also recognizing hidden dangers of PPP model. JSA is running a campaign against PPP in media and building pressure on government. After this vital disscussion we move towards the final session. Sayyed Ali presented CPHE’s “Nutrition Initiative” in the eight districts of MP which is happening in collaboration with WCD department.

This silver jubilee event was completed by a formal vote of thanks given by Dr. As Mohammad. The formal closure of the event, the fellows met as Fellows’ collective and made some vital decisions regarding the Following future of the Collective.

SOCHARA Silver Jubilee