Over the years SOCHARA has brought together a multi-disciplinary and equity oriented team of community health and public health professionals supported by an administrative team, presently located in three clusters in Bengaluru, Chennai and Bhopal. This team is supported technically by a larger SOCHARA network of society members, associates, field mentors, fellows and friends.

The current team members representing the medical and public health, social science, allied health sciences, accounts and administration as of November 2015 are listed here:

Mr. Sam Joseph
Coordinator & Secretary - SOCHARA
Dr. Thelma Narayan
Director - Academics & Policy Action
Epidemiologist, Public Policy
Dr. Ravi Narayan
Community Health Advisor
Public Health, Industrial Health, Preventive and Social medicine
Mr. Victor Fernandes
Administrative Officer
Mr. Mathew Alex
Dr. Adithya Pradyumna
Research and Training Associate, Co-Convenor, SOCHARA (Sabbatical)
Public Health
Mr. Prahlad.I.M
Training and Research Associate
Environmental Science
Rajeev B R
Research and Training Assistant
Mr. Mahadevaswamy H R
Junior Librarian
Library Science
Ms. Maria Dorthy Stella
Office Secretary
Mr. Hari Prasad Ojha
Office Assistant
Mr. Joseph M S
Office Assistant
Mr. Tulsi Chetry
Office Assistant
Ms. Kamalamma
Office Helper
Ms. Vijaya
Office Helper
Mr. Ameerkhan
Research Associate, Co-Convener & TN Unit Coordinator
Social Work
Mr. Suresh D
Communication Officer
Information Technology
Dr. Ravi D'Souza
Community Medicine
Ms. Nidhi Shukla
Training and Research Assistant
Journalism and Mass Communication
Mr. Sayyed Ali
Training & Research Assistant
Social Work
Ms. Sangeeta
Office Helper