Society for Community Health Awareness Research and Action [SOCHARA] is an independent  non-government organisation registered under Karnataka Societies Registration Act 17A(1960).

THIRD ANNOUNCEMENT: Deadlines for submissions extended to 7th September, 2014, until 12 midnight! This will be the final extension.

NBCIndian Journal of Medical Ethics (www.ijme.in)


 Dates: December 11, 12 & 13, 2014

 Venue: St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bangalore

 Theme:  The theme of the Fifth NBC 2014 is “Integrity in health care practices and research, and would cover the following sub-themes:

(a) Integrity and upholding trust of patients in medical care;

(b) Ethical imperatives of integrity in public health practices and health systems;

(c) Integrity in health care research (misconducts-plagiarism, data fabrication/ falsification, etc);

(d) Conflict of Interest in health care practices and measures needed,

(e) Curricular frameworks in ethics to ensure integrity in health care, public health and research;

(f) International symposium on December 13 on Corruption in health care and medicine

Six plenary sessions, including those in the International Symposium will feature 18 key note addresses and a panel discussion by well-known national and international experts on the theme and sub-themes of the conference. In each plenary session some time for questions and discussion will be available.

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS (online submission): http://5thnbc2014.in/abstracts

Deadline for the receipt of abstracts (extended deadline): 31st August, 2014

Conference Registration and Registration Fees: Details about the registration can by viewing the brochure here.

Accommodation: Those who need accommodation, please contact the Secretariat.

Conference Organisers:

Organising Secretaries: Ravindran G.D.; Thelma Narayan

Organising Committee:Anuradha Bose, Prabha Chandra, Sugandhi D’souza, Christiane Fischer, Amar Jesani, Sanjiv Lewin, Mario Vaz, Sanjay Pai, Rema Devi, Jayashree Ramakrishna, K. Srinivasan, George Thomas, Adithya Pradyumna

Scientific committee: Sunita Simon and others (to be announced)

Local Organisers: Accommodation: Vanamala and team; Communication: Jyothi Iduculla and team;

Registration: Rema Devi and team; Venue: Johnson Pradeep and team


Secretaries: Ms. Mary (+91-9480337030) and Ms. Praveena (+91-9611412146);Office of the IEC, First Floor, Library Building, St. John’s Medical college, Koramangala, Bangalore 560064, Karnataka. Tel: +91-80-46466346/25634123/22065834. Email: nbc@stjohns.in

Conference Hosts and Collaborators

St. John’s National Academy of Health Sciences

SOCHARA–Society for Community Health Awareness, Research and Action

Forum for Medical Ethics Society (FMES)

(International Symposium in collaboration with MEZIS Germany

For full details, also read the brochure (click to read).





Job Opportunity     SOCHARA’s Prahlad recognised as a Sanitation Driver

Job Opportunity      CHLP Mentors’ Workshop 2014 Brochure

Job Opportunity      Dimentions Newsletter March 2014


              Community Health Cell       Centre for Public Health & Equity
CHC-BangaloreCEU-Chennai Bangalore-1Bhopal-1

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